autism for dummies*

*you. you are dummies.


Hi. Welcome to my carrd. My name is улитка, I'm an autistic kid who likes learning and teaching people new things. If you're viewing this, its probably because someone in your life is autistic, and you want to understand them better. Or another reason idk. This was supposed to be a powerpoint but I like websites better. Plus this is a lot of information and I'm not actually presenting it to anyone. Maybe I'll make it itnto a powerpoint later. Anyways before you start reading I'd like if you read this entire page and then click the kitty to see the table of contents


it may seem silly, but these terms are really important to know or review before you begin reading!

Autistic/AspieSomeone who got the autism
AllisticSomeone who has none autism
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what is autism?

misunderstood thats for sure!

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects how we think, how we communicate, and how we interact with the world. Autistic people are different than non-autistic people, and that's okay.

table of contents

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